Memar Award, Honorable Mentioned

Iranian Interior Design Awards, First Prize


Tehran - IRAN


Site Area : 6,000 sq.m.
Built Area : 1,500 sq.m.
Client : Leila Fani Tabrizi, Hamid Yazdani
Year : 2011-2013

The project belongs to an extended family including grandparents, parents ( Main Client ) , their three teenager children, and the client’s brother who is living with grandparents. The program consists of two residential units and one “Hoseiniye” ( a social religious place for Shia Muslims ) built in three separate floors that have connection to each other. A continuous line and then a surface embrace all of the units to makes them a unit place to live in as a big family. They are not allowed to have direct view to other properties due to religious districts especially the garden which is belongs to the main client. Therefore, the whole volume of the building is designed in the form of boxes perpendicular to each other so that the upper unit has a vast view to the city.

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